Pastor’s Sermon Prep Workshop - Helping Pastors Teach Biblical Worldview

Pastors in America today have unique challenges because the culture is hostile to biblical truth. Pastors recognize the culture is inundated with a barrage of lies that are destroying people’s lives, and they don’t want to get caught in the political. They know they’re called to cast down every high thing that exalts itself against the knowledge of God. Agreeing with lies, like telling children men can get pregnant, definitely does that.  

So how do we speak God’s truth to answer each issue while keeping the gospel at the center of everything?  That’s the focus of this briefing. This seminar will help you make conversations about the sexual revolution, critical race theory, transgenderism part of your gospel message instead of distractions from it.  

Understanding HOW the Bible addresses the issues of the culture can be a difficult endeavor. A Biblical worldview is a necessary foundation. What is a worldview and how does it affect the decisions believers make? Too often Christians engage in conversation with concerns over an issue, often a moral issue and then find themselves in a political argument. These situations seem to further frustrate and even divide family members. Preaching needs to equip the saints to be ready to share Jesus. Beyond that, preaching needs to equip believers to know why they believe what they believe. Too often the foundational pillars of origin, morality and purpose are ignored when considering the specific issues of the day. So, the challenge is often about how to answer the cultural questions, speaking the truth in love. This daylong seminar will help address these areas and more!  


  1. Preparing – Assist with background, research and outline development for preaching God’s Word to believers.
  2. Preaching – Resource and outline key issues from Scripture that speak to the culture.
  3. Discipleship – Helping equip pastors to develop a Biblical worldview with their congregations.
  4. Exegetical study from a historical/grammatical hermeneutic. Pastors can be confident of the theological perspective offered while preparing to preach from passages like Genesis 1-11 and Jesus’ references to the Creation story and other Hebrew Testament passages.
  5. Resources – Resources provided are focused on developing a Biblical worldview and preaching the Scripture in light of the issues facing our churches.



Time: 9:00 AM to 4:00 PM One day only. 7-hour Seminar including lunch.

Location: Southeast North Carolina/South Carolina – Western Prong Baptist Church, Whiteville, NC 

Resources and lunch are included.

This seminar is for Pastors, Ministers, and Ministry Leaders ONLY.  Transportation and housing are NOT included.

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