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Industry members are encouraged to make a restricted donation to the Pioneers Assistance Fund. Your donations do make a difference. The following giving levels are suggested:


Food and Household Necessities

Sometimes it is difficult to make ends meet. A donation on this level will provide grocery gift cards or local transportation.


Home Health Supplies & Safety Aids

A donation on this level ensures that an industry member has the smaller necessary items that insurance often does not cover.


Assistive Devices

A donation on this level will ensure proper equipment for those encountering a temporary or permanent disability. The right aid can have a direct impact on quality of life during the difficult time.


Medical, Dental, Rx Medication

A donation on this level will help defray the cost of unexpected fees and co-pays after an accident, injury or work slowdown.


Health Insurance & Physician Fees

No one should have to live without health insurance or the ability to see the proper doctor. A donation on this level will ensure that does not happen.


Moving Expenses, Rent
or Mortgage Payments

When faced with economic challenges, housing is a large concern. Donating at this level helps us provide assistance for a housing crisis.


Family Crisis or Funeral Expenses

The loss of a loved one is always tragic. A donation on this level will offset the financial burden of a funeral or unexpected emergency.


The Tom Sherak Pioneer Grant

This grant, named after industry icon Tom Sherak, provides monthly stipends to motion picture industry veterans. A donation on this level will support multiple pioneers annually.



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