IPA Virtual Workshop - August 10, 2024

The International Paruresis Association is pleased to present our next online Virtual Workshop. Since February 2020, we've hosted over 150 participants (both men and women) who found it very helpful on their walks with Paruresis. The event will take place on the Zoom platform from 10 a.m. to 6 p.m. US ET. It will be hosted by IPA Executive Director, Tim Pyle, and led by Dan Rocker, LCSW, MA, the co-director of the Shy Bladder Center and IPA President (meet Dan in advance through this video!). Need more info? Use our contact form.

Key things for this to work for you: you need a good internet connection, you must install Zoom on your mobile phone, tablet, or laptop (desktop won’t cut it for the exposure sessions!); and, you'll need some modicum of privacy so that you can do the exposure activities with someone else virtually in a breakout session.

The cost for IPA members is $195 per participant - you'll find the promo code on the members site. For nonmembers, the cost is $265. Click here to join the IPA today with a donation of $100 or more. There will be a slight delay in getting you access to the members site and the promo code page. Thank you for your patience.

100% Money Back Guarantee: We need a minimum of 12 registrations by the Wednesday prior. If the IPA cancels the event due to not meeting our minimum registration numbers, we promise you a 100% guarantee on your event fees. Register with confidence in us! Women, if you register and we are unable to provide a female “pee-buddy” (if you prefer), we will provide a 100% refund.

After registering and as the date approaches, we'll send you links to the event, a release form (to be returned prior to the event), and additional resources. 

Here is the tentative schedule (All times US Eastern):

10:00 AM – Intros, "Sharing Our Stories"

11:00 AM – Information Sharing

12:00 PM – 1st virtual graduated exposure therapy session (using Zoom breakout rooms with 2-3 people per room)

12:30 PM – Debrief (whole group)

1:00 PM - Short lunch break

1:30 PM – Discussion, Q & A

2:30 PM – 2nd virtual graduated exposure therapy session

3:00 PM – Debrief

3:30 PM – More information sharing

4:30 PM – 3rd virtual graduated exposure therapy session

5:00 PM – Debrief

5:30 PM – Wrap-up: What to Do Now

Please note: this is a psycho-social educational workshop. It is NOT a substitute for medical or legal advice and does not constitute the practice of law, medicine, psychiatry, clinical psychology, clinical social work, or any other mental health profession. If you are having trouble urinating, you should always contact a physician since difficulty with voiding can be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

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