Enhance Your Recovery at a Live Weekend Workshop . . .

IPA Live Workshop - Dallas, TX - Sept. 27-29, 2024

Here are details about the content of the event and activities. Early Bird Promo Codes, Member Pricing, and Hotel information follow at the bottom. We need 5 pre-registrations by August 27, so sign up today to make this a "go!":

WORKSHOP LEADER: Roger Merritt, LCMHC, IPA Board Member, and Shy Bladder Center member, and experienced workshop leader. (Meet Roger through this brief video.)


A workshop sponsored by the International Paruresis Association (IPA) is a safe, structured program to help you begin to recover from paruresis. Much of what happens involves relearning how to urinate in the presence of others. Yes, you will practice peeing near others in a structured, discreet, and safe environment. (See this video featuring IPA co-founder, Dr. Steve Soifer, Ph. D., MSW, talking about our methods.)


Many attendees report that they were nervous before the workshop and quite reluctant to sign up, but after the first few hours wondered why they hadn’t sought help for their paruresis earlier. The fearful feelings are normal, so don’t worry too much about them, just bring them with you to the workshop and anticipate meeting a group of people just like yourself. You’ll feel at ease right away.

Your registration is 100% Money Back Guaranteed. If the IPA does not hold this event due to not meeting our 5 participant minimum, we will refund your registration fees. Women: if you require a female "pee buddy" and we don't deliver, we'll refund your fee, as well. Learn more at the bottom of our "What is a Workshop" page.


At the beginning of each workshop (Friday night, 7 p.m. to 10 p.m.), participants share, often for the first time, their stories of what it has been like living with paruresis. This usually proves to be a very cathartic experience, as people realize that they are not the only person in the world who suffers from this anxiety disorder. Saturday (9 a.m. to 5 p.m.) and Sunday (9 a.m. to 2 p.m.) sessions involve:

  • Information sharing by the workshop facilitator and sometimes an assistant;
  • Practice sessions involving graduated desensitization exercises, usually with one or two other people (people always practice at a level that feels comfortable and that will ensure success); and
  • Group sharing about what the practice experience was like. For more information about graduated exposure and what that entails, see our About Avoidant Paruresis page on the IPA Website.

PRICING (US Dollars):

Basic Fee: Registration for the weekend event is $795.

Current IPA Members save $100. Find the promocode on the members site here. Not a current member? Make a donation of $100 or more to IPA to join here. Please allow 2 business days for access to members site.

Special "Early Bird" Offer: Register at least one month in advance of the event and automatically save $50 on any ticket. 

Student Pricing: $295. Current undergraduate or technical school students, please add your current institution and valid student ID number where indicated. Student tickets are limited, so register early.

Don't let financial considerations keep you from attending a workshop. Inquire about scholarships at getinfo@paruresis.org.


The event will be held in a metro area venue. Once we achieve our minimum, we'll post location details here. Reminder: overnight accommodations are not included in the workshop fee.


We'll provide all the water you need to keep fluid loaded. Meals are on your own - lots of great choices nearby!


While the COVID-19 emergency has subsided, the IPA recommends that all participants be fully vaccinated prior to attending. Masks are optional (pending any local requirements). Attendees have a shared responsibility for event safety. High-risk attendees should take extra consideration before joining in person. Please ensure that you do not have symptoms, have not recently been diagnosed with or had direct contact with a known or suspected COVID-19 case or other communicable illness. The IPA will comply with any local, state or federal guidelines.

QUESTIONS? SPECIAL REQUESTS?: Email Tim Pyle, Executive Director, IPA tim@paruresis.org

Please Note: The information presented during the Event, including but not limited to ideas, suggestions, techniques, trainings, exercises, processes, activities, downloads, instructions, and other materials is educational in nature and is not medical or psychological advice or psychotherapy. A signed waiver and release form is required prior to attending. If you are having trouble urinating, you should always contact a physician since difficulty with voiding can be a symptom of a serious medical condition.

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