Purchase "America, We Need to Talk: a Self-Help Book for the Nation"

Hunger Free America's CEO Joel Berg will personally sign and inscribe his new book America, We Need to Talk: A Self-Help Book for the Nation when you purchase it for $35, including shipping and handling.

All proceeds benefit Hunger Free America's ongoing work! If you would like to send copies of the book to multiple addresses (they make great gifts!) please return to this form to submit a fresh order. Please provide the address you would like the book shipped to below.

Your donation above and beyond the cost of the book will further support our ongoing work.

A $30 donation subsidizes a share of farm fresh fruit for 4 members of a low-income family for 5 months.

A $50 donation pays for support staff to enable a group of volunteers to serve clients in a community anti-hunger organization over the Martin Luther King Weekend of Service.

A $90 donation pays for a struggling family to obtain $3,000 worth of federal nutrition benefits via our Benefits Access Program.

A $345 donation provides a share of fresh, local produce for 4 members of a low income family for 5 months.

A $5,000 donation launches a national “Allies for a Hunger Free America” campaign to build public engagement in high impact, skills-based volunteer service in efforts that increase SNAP and summer meals participation.

A $10,000 donation increases outreach in a national communications plan, using earned media along with a coordinated series of events, to build support by Americans of all demographics in skilled volunteerism and advocacy aimed at ending hunger.

Thank you.
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If you would like to purchase more than 10 books, please get in touch with Jerry Halpern at ghalpern@hungerfreeamerica.org to discuss options!
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