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Project Management for Change, Inc. (PM4C), is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization with the mission to raise the profile of the Project Management profession by creating positive impact in our community.

This Volunteer Agreement (the “Agreement”) is made between PM for Change and the undersigned volunteer (the “Volunteer”). This Agreement is intended to indicate the seriousness of the volunteer relationship. The intent of this Agreement is to assure the Volunteer of the deep appreciation PM for Change has for each of the volunteers and to indicate PM for Change’s commitment to providing the Volunteer with a rewarding experience.

1. Services. PM for Change hereby engages the Volunteer to provide certain volunteer services for the Project Management Day of Services (“PMDoS”). The Volunteer agrees to perform the services requested by PM for Change upon the terms and conditions contained in this Agreement. The Volunteer will cause the services to be performed as requested and with the same degree of care, skill and diligence with which it performs or would perform similar services for itself (including, without limitation, with respect to the type, quantity, quality and timeliness of such services). Should the Volunteer be unable to complete the services as requested, the Volunteer will notify his or her PMDoS direct report or seek additional help.

2. Relationship of the Parties. Both PM for Change and the Volunteer agree that the relationship created by this Agreement is that of a volunteer/non profit organization and not that of an employer-employee. This Agreement does not create any agency, partnership, joint venture or other similar relationship between the parties. PM for Change and the Volunteer agree that no compensation or any other payment will be made for the services provided by the Volunteer.

The Volunteer serves at the sole discretion of PM for Change. PM for Change may terminate the relationship at any time and for any reason by providing notice to the Volunteer. Additionally, the Volunteer may terminate his or her relationship with PM for Change at any time and for any reason, by providing notice to the PMDoS Human Resource department at

3. Confidential Information. The Volunteer will have access to certain information of PM for Change and its other volunteers, donors, clients and staff, which is confidential or privileged and proprietary in nature and should not be disclosed (collectively, “Confidential Information”). Confidential Information shall include participant/volunteer personal information (including phone numbers), mailing lists and all material(s), public or nonpublic information, written or oral, disclosed directly or indirectly, through any means of communication or observation by any member of PMDoS or party working with PMDoS for the benefit of PMDoS. Should the Volunteer have any question regarding the confidentiality of any information, the Volunteer must ask his or her direct report for clarification.

The Volunteer is responsible for maintaining the confidentiality of the Confidential Information and may not disclose Confidential Information without prior consent from the PMDoS Project Manager or Executive Director. The Volunteer must return or destroy all Confidential Information at termination of this Agreement or upon the request of PM for Change. Failure to maintain the confidentiality of Confidential Information is a serious violation of this Agreement and may subject the Volunteer to termination of the relationship with PM for Change and PMDoS, personal liability or other corrective action.

4. Endorsement of Products, Providers and Organizations. The Volunteer acknowledges that neither PMDoS nor PM for Change endorses any particular product, service, organization, company, or content. Links to sponsor and local Project Management Institute chapter websites or other advertisements do not imply endorsement of any particular product, service, organization, company, or content.

5. Conflicts of Interest. In connection with PMDoS activities, conflicts of interests may arise. Volunteers may provide management services as part of their business or employment and may, during periods where they represent PMDoS, be in a position to promote their own organization. It is the policy of PM for Change that, when conducting PMDoS business, volunteers clarify their role and avoid exploiting the opportunity to promote themselves, their companies or their products. Volunteers should advise nonprofit organizations that they can only conduct PMDoS business and any interest in their other affiliations would have to be discussed at another time when they were not representing PMDoS. If the Volunteer becomes aware of an actual or potential conflict-of-interest situation, the Volunteer shall recuse him or herself from the related activity and promptly notify the Volunteer Director.

6. Financial Responsibility. In the performance of the services under this Agreement, the Volunteer may incur expenses on behalf of PM for Change or PMDoS. In order to be reimbursed for any such expenses (including travel, the purchase of supplies/materials, refreshments for meetings, catering and space rental contracts), (i) the expenses must be actual and reasonable, and (ii) the Volunteer must have received prior written approval by the Volunteer Director.

7. Technology. The Volunteer will be provided any required resources for the services, which may include a PMDoS email address, access to the PMDoS Google drive and the appropriate level of access in Charity Engine. The resources provided to the Volunteer may only be used for PMDoS related duties and remain the property of PM for Change.

8. Waiver and Release. In consideration for volunteering for PMDoS, the Volunteer agrees that it will not make a claim against PM for Change or PMDoS, and releases and holds harmless PM for Change and PMDoS from any and all liability, claims, and demands of whatever kind of nature, either in law or in equity, which arise or may hereafter arise from the services provided under this Agreement. The Volunteer agrees that this Agreement discharges PM for Change and PMDoS from any liability or claim that the Volunteer may have against either organization with respect to bodily injury, personal injury, illness, death or property damage that may result from the services provided.

The Volunteer understands that if he or she is injured in the course of the services provided under this Agreement, the Volunteer is not covered by any Workers’ Compensation or other insurance.

9. Updates. The Volunteer acknowledges that PM for Change may make additional policies and procedures for the services available in the Volunteer page of the PMDoS website ( The Volunteer agrees to abide by all of the policies and procedures of PM for Change, including those found solely on the website.

The parties listed below acknowledge that they have read the foregoing Agreement, understand its contents, and accept and agree to the provisions it contains and hereby execute it voluntarily and with full understanding of its consequences.

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