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We're On the Move

Pack your bags! The Real Tree House Cats have outgrown their space but they need your help to get to their dream home.

Days until the move

Keeping Up With the Kitties

From dreams of big new beds to worries about new roommates, follow the cats on the road to their new home. Watch for a new webisode every week and check out #WatchCatsHappen for bonus content.

Meet the Cats

The cast is always changing, but the action never stops.

The Road to the New Home

After 43 years and over 20,000 cats saved, Tree House is ready to move.


Tree House was founded as a coalition of foster homes


Opened one of the first cageless, no-kill facilities


Became the country's first shelter to house FIV+ cats


Created an in-house clinic and surgical suite


Added a second location and spay/neuter clinic in Bucktown


Adopted out our 20,000th cat


Broke ground at our new location, announcing Chicago's first cat café

As Chicago's first no-kill shelter,

Tree House has made huge strides in serving sick and injured cats and eliminating the homeless cat population, but we've only just begun. We're at a pivotal point in this production and need your support to help make Chicago a no-kill city.

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