PFFA Membership 2024: Professional Fundraising Agency

For any questions regarding member benefits or dues, please refer to the updated PFA Membership Benefits Guide or email

Reporting 2023 Donor Acquisition: Important Notice

The agency that owns the direct contract with the NPO client is responsible for reporting and paying for donors acquired by their own teams and/or any subcontractors working under this contract (please report net acquisition—i.e., gross minus clawbacks and single gifts). This applies to all direct contracts with charity clients.

If you hold a direct contract with a nonprofit but also work as a subcontractor under another agency's contract with a nonprofit, do not report the donors you acquired while working as a subcontractor. These will be reported by the holder of the direct contract. If you have questions about reporting, please review the Membership Benefits Guide and/or contact

Expected Net F2F Sustainers Acquired in Calendar Year 2023

Tier 1: 0 to 8,000
Tier 2: 8,001 to 18,000
Tier 3: 18,001 to 28,000
Tier 4: 28.001,001 to 38,000
Tier 5: 38,001 to 50,000
Tier 6: 50,001 to 60,000
Tier 7: 60,001+

By completing this application, the named organization agrees to the following:

1. To abide by the PFFA Bylaws;

2.  To comply with the PFFA Code of Conduct and any policies, procedures, or rules stipulated by the PFFA Board of Directors;

3. To comply with the PFFA Rules of Engagement & Escalation Process

4.  To pay all membership dues as they fall due;

5.  To provide all membership registration information requested by the PFFA Board of Directors required to evaluate this membership application;

6.  To display the organization's name on the PFFA's membership list;

7.  To confirm that the organization complies with all state bonding, licensing and registration requirements for all relevant states;

8.  To confirm that all fundraisers are paid in keeping with the Fair Labor Standards Act of 1938 and any applicable state and local wage laws.

9. To abide by the PFFA Anti-trust Policy

Contact Information
2023 F2F Acquisition
Fundraising Markets
Annual Resource Guide Update
Payment Method
Referral Request
Agreement to Join

All information provided will be confidential to PFFA employees and consultants.  This information will be used for the purpose of assessing the organization's application for membership in the PFFA, updating the PFFA Resource Guide where notification has been provided, and in the administration of the ATMS and site grids.  The PFFA will not share competitive information with any other parties including the Board of Directors. 

Thank you for your support of the PFFA. If you have any questions, please get in touch:

+1 833.4.PFFAUS (1.833.473.3287)
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