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The High Impact Leadership Coalition is strategically planning and implementing innovative, cogent, and provocative means to make a lasting impact on our nation. Here’s how:

1) Elections: Elections provide golden opportunities to critically educate and engage voters. Whether new to an issue or new voting in general, we seek to empower voters to make confident choices. As a result, we continue to register and mobilize voters in critical elections in key states and cities.

2) Issue Advocacy: We are working to educate, engage, and mobilize people to affect change in their communities, and enact policy priorities city councils, state legislatures, Congress, and the White House. Elected leaders will come to understand that our votes are just the beginning; as High Impact leaders, we demand results.

3) Race Relations: The Reconciled Church movement with visionaries Bishop Harry Jackson, Bishop T.D. Jakes, and Reverend James Robison. The Reconciled Church is spanning across America with workshops, summits, and community outreach events, with the focus on Healing the Racial Divide.

4) Media Outreach: We have to exercise our right to know. By sponsoring radio, TV, and print ads we are able to raise awareness of crucial issues, but the timing is critical. Information is most useful when relevant to affect action. High Impact Leadership Coalition is a 501(c)3 organization, contributions are tax deductable to the extent permitted by law.

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