CUFI Pastors Israel Trip Survey - Evan Terry

Congratulations! You have been recommended to be part of a Christians United for Israel (CUFI) Pastor Leadership Tour to Israel in 2023!

First, please view this short video about Christians United For Israel to learn about our mission and vision.

CUFI’s Mission: As the largest pro-Israel organization in the United States, with over 10 million members, Christians United for Israel (CUFI) is the foremost Christian organization educating and empowering millions of Americans to speak and act with one voice in defense of Israel and the Jewish people. CUFI’s diversity across political, ethnic, generational and denominational lines maximizes our impact in communities, the media, on campus, and in our nation’s capital. CUFI is committed to confronting indifference and combating anti-Semitism in all its forms wherever it may be found.

“I consider CUFI a vital part of Israel’s national security.”
– Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu

A CUFI Pastor’s Israel Leadership Tour is designed to provide pastors with first-hand knowledge of Israel’s history, geography, and political situation. These tours have proven to be spiritually enriching experiences as well as invaluable in developing a strong understanding of Israel’s security challenges in the region. Participants return home informed, equipped, and inspired, having been exposed to both ancient and modern Israel through our unique itineraries and are able to teach their congregations and communities, from firsthand experience, the importance of supporting Israel.

Participant Requirements:

  • Be a pastor of an active congregation with a church facility
  • Be a first-time participant in a CUFI trip to Israel
  • Agree to host a CUFI event*

*Participants agree to host one or more CUFI educational event/s presented by CUFI for their congregants and community. This can be offered as a church service message or a separate special event open to the public. These events are logistically easy and do not require a financial commitment, though most hosts receive a love offering to offset CUFI’s cost. CUFI provides free educational materials and will invite attendees to subscribe to our briefings and action alerts.

Recommend a pastoral peer:
As this opportunity is invite and referral only, please do not forward, post, or otherwise share this invitation.

You are welcome to recommend a pastoral peer whom you believe to be an eligible candidate. Please have them contact me for more information or to request to participate.

Please note:
This tour will be physically demanding, so we strongly recommend that individuals who choose to participate on this trip have the ability to walk long distances each day and climb multiple flights of stairs.

As each participant must represent a separate congregation, spouses, respectfully, are not eligible to participate on this tour.

Please complete and submit the following questionnaire to begin the registration process and request to participate.