Join TFL and the Iowa Coalition of Pro-Life Leaders' "First Responder" team!


Thank you for taking action!It is obvious you care about passing laws in Iowa that protect life.We encourage you to consider joining our "First Responders" team."First Responders" is an elite, rapid-response team of over 1,000 Iowans we send text-message alerts to take action to move (or stop) legislation. The First Responders are a very real part of our full-time lobby team at the Iowa Capitol.  The team depends on you to take action and let legislators know your position on important bills as they arise, in "real time."

If you join this elite team, The FAMiLY Leader (TFL) will periodically send you text message alerts asking you to take action. This will usually mean contacting legislators via our web forms, but could include other action such as making a phone call, or sending an email message.  Sometimes our lobby team will determine legislators only need only slight encouragement, not overwhelming deluges of messages.  Therefore, we may only contact a few "First Responders" to contact their legislator(s), and so when we ask you to take action, it means WE NEED YOU.When we send you an alert, please remember to let us know when you have taken action. Your quick confirmation will help us quickly assess in "real time" how many additional First Responders we may need to deploy, or additional action we need to take. To keep our list lean, we will be monitoring this list, and removing members who consistently fail to act.Please join only if you will take action.

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 Please make sure the box is checked to join the First Responder Team.
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