Film Row Registration
*All registered players include one entry for a chance to receive a door prize.*
For one foursome, enter a quantity of 1 in the box above.
To enter player names for your foursome, look for a link in your confirmation email after submitting this form.
You can also use the link on the "success" screen you'll see next when this payment is confirmed, if you already have your list.
DONATIONS: If you wish to make a donation instead of, or in addition to, the player registration, check the box below.
Each dollar donated = one entry for a chance to receive one of our exclusive door prizes.
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Click the button above to submit your payment. If your transaction is successful, you'll be taken to the confirmation screen, and you'll also get an emailed receipt. If you don't see those, the charge was not processed--please verify your information & try again; or to pay by phone, call (323) 688-2563.   * International Donors: if your credit card is not issued by a US-based bank, it might not go through. If you get an error message, please donate via PayPal. *

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