No One Left Behind is the first and premier national non-profit dedicated exclusively to standing with our wartime allies (those applying for or who have received a Special Immigrant Visa). Your donation today will help us make sure that not one of these amazing heros feels forgotten or abandoned.


We estimate that we can keep our moral obligation for $1M per year or $15M through 2035.  We estimate a 10-year horizon until the existing visa backlog is exhausted, subject to any new SIV programs created by Congress.  We estimate a 15-year horizon until emergency assistance requests for SIV families that resettle the U.S. reach 10% of current average annual load.  By that time, most SIV recipients and their families should not need public assistance for food, shelter, and employment (https://www.gao.gov/products/GAO-18-107).
Help us keep our nation's promise.

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You can donate with a check by sending it to
P.O. Box 3641, Merrifield, VA 22116.

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We will not sell, share or trade our donors' names or personal information with any other entity, nor send mailings to our donors on behalf of other organizations. This policy applies to all information received by No One Left Behind, both online and offline, on any Platform ("Platform", includes the No One Left Behind website), as well as any electronic, written, or oral communications. To the extent any donations are processed through a third-party service provider, our donors’ information will only be used for purposes necessary to process the donation. NOLB donor data is stored on a secure server/cloud and NOLB limits staff/volunteer access to donor information. Please read our vendor's Privacy Policy found here: https://www.charityengine.net/privacy-policy/.

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We are grateful for your donation and support of our organization. Donations are normally non- refundable but if you have made an error in making your donation or change your mind about contributing to our organization please contact us. Refunds are returned using the original method of payment. If you made your donation by credit card, your refund will be credited to that same credit card.

Automated Recurring Donation Cancellation

Ongoing support is important to enabling projects to continue their work, so we encourage donors to continue to contribute to projects over time. But if you must cancel your recurring donation, please notify us immediately.


Email info@nooneleft.org to review personal information collected, request corrections, or if you do not wish your information shared outside the organization.

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