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Food Action Ally?

Ready to join the domestic anti-hunger movement? Food Action Allies is a community of monthly donors and volunteers whose gifts and time help Hunger Free America achieve our mission to ensure every American has access to nutritious food. Together, month by month, we can end hunger once and for all. 

Become a Food Action Ally in one of two ways:

1. Donate on a monthly basis. No monthly gift is too small.

2. Volunteer at a Hunger Free America event once each month.

Who your monthly donation is helping:


Working Families



Why give monthly?

Make History: Be a part of the grassroots movement to eradicate domestic hunger in our lifetime. Your monthly donation or service commitment is an investment in a stronger, more economically sound society.

Be Part of a Progressive Community: Connect with other service-oriented people dedicated to ensuring that all Americans can afford nutritious food. Meet at Hunger Free America events and interact through our Food Action Allies Facebook group.

It's Sustainable: Giving on a monthly basis is an affordable way to make a long-term impact. We all have monthly subscriptions we use to make our lives more enjoyable and easier. Consider this a monthly subscription that works to ensure more people across the country can lead healthier lives with greater dignity.

What are my donations used for?

85 percent of your donation goes directly to our program expenses. Our programs include:

1. Direct Service: We assist food insecure families apply for SNAP and WIC benefits. In 2018, we connected more than 2,400 families with food benefits. 

2. Advocacy: We advocate on behalf of the families and individuals we represent for local, state, and federal officials to draft and pass into law comprehensive legislation that increases minimum wages, expands access to SNAP benefits for working families and temporarily unemployed individuals, and provides more funding for school meals. In 2018, we helped defeat national cuts to SNAP benefits and led successful efforts to get New York State to pass a breakfast in the classroom mandate for all high-needs schools.

3. Community Organizing: We work with low-income individuals who are interested in taking a leadership role in their communities and provide them with educational resources, nutrition classes, and advocacy training.

4. Strategic Volunteerism: Our Ending Hunger Through Citizen Service Initiative recruits skilled volunteers to serve at hunger-fighting organizations across the country.

As a Food Action Ally, you'll receive:

HFA Food Action Ally Certificate

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Invitations to Hunger Free America's Events 

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